Year 1 - Autumn 2

As part of our science work, we looked at the senses nocturnal animals use to survive.

We pretended to be badgers and used our sense of smell to decide if the different smells were nice or not.

We also pretended to be bats (we were blind-folded) and used our sense of hearing to catch 'mice'.


During our topic we have looked at how day and night happen; that the earth spins, we move round the sun and the moon moves around us.

We have done a great deal of work on nocturnal animals. In literacy, we researched and wrote fact-files about bats and owls thinking about appearance, habitat, diet and movement.

In Art we used close observation to created half-animal pictures.

In Literacy we learned and acted out the 'Peace at Last' story. This was so we could write our own versions, thinking about what else could keep daddy bear awake!

In Maths, we practiced finding half by creating pizzas! We had to share the ingredients equally between two halves of the pizza.