Year 2 - Spring 1


On Shrove Tuesday the children enjoyed pancake races. There were some amazing catches when the pancakes were flipped!




A Container for Samuel Pepys!

The children were fascinated to discover that Samuel Pepys had buried his wine and cheese in the garden to protect it from the Great Fire!

They designed and made their own containers that would be suitable for protecting something valuable in the ground.

The Great Fire of London

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 The children made beautiful pieces of art work based on the Great Fire. They began by mixing colours to create the tone for the sky. They then used a colour wash effect before adding the black silhouettes of the buildings. The children thought carefully about the proximity of the buildings and the different heights of the skyline.



Do white or coloured candles burn quickest?

After making our predictions and ensuring we had a fair test, we conducted our experiment and found out that coloured candles burn quicker because of the coloured particles which reflect the light.